Customer Testimonials

We are not perfect, but it is what we always strive for. Here is a list of the feedback we have received from our awesome customers since our business began in July of 2010. If you had an experience with our company that made you say, "Wow", use the feedback form at the bottom of this page to share it with us.
C. English of Tennessee wrote:
"Just wanted to let you know we appreciate your website, It’s nice to see a site that has such a positive outlook for our teenagers. and the Items are at reasonable prices. Thanks you so much!"

W. Hudson of Louisiana wrote:
"I ordered a ring for my son, but it was a size too big. I called & talked to Liz. She was so prompt and diligent with helping to exchange the ring. I am so thankful for the wonderful customer service!! Also, the ring is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much!"

C. Sanchez of Texas wrote:
"I totally appreciate honesty and trust! These guys went way over to assure I got what I wanted and by the date I needed it. Long story but they came through. Awesome!"

Ricardo of California wrote:
"I just got my purity ring, today! its beautiful and shiny. I got it faster than expected, great customer service, I AM ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER, Thank You Purity Rings Online, I will definitely recommend you guys, GOD Bless You All!!"

Joe H of Athens, TN wrote:
"I received all the rings and the quality was very good. I was very pleased thru the the whole process. You were extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. God Bless you and your company."

Lydia of Mississippi wrote:
"I ordered several rings a few weeks ago and wanted to thank you all for such a great order! Everyone loves the products and we are so blessed to have chosen your company."

Lisa of Albuquerque, NM wrote:
"I ordered two rings,one for my daughter and one for my son. They were both beautiful! I was happy with the quality and the engraving. The shipping was very fast and I will order again!"

Anna of Tennessee wrote:
"My purity ring was exactly as described and beautiful. I'm taking a True love Waits class and am making a vow to abstinence! Thank you all again."

D Brown of Redlands, California wrote:
"I've lost countless purity rings, and I was looking online to purchase another one. I found this site, I wanted to purchase one from here because I was impressed. The metal on this ring is brilliant and classy if you ask me.The bag that comes with my ring will come in handy. The other rings I lost don't come close in quality or price. I'm super excited! I won't be losing this one. Please keep up the good work. I will be passing on this website for the next purity ceremony at my church."

Haleigh of Rochester, Minnesota wrote:
"Just got my ring today (January 14th). It came within the 5-10 business days. I got the cursive "Purity" ring and I love it. It was so shiny and it fits perfectly. Couldn't be happier! Thanks, Purity Rings! :)"

S Martin of Oklahoma wrote:
"I have yet to order mine, but this site helped me find a ring, necklace and informanion on being pure. I want to remiane pure for my one true love. How great is our God! My parents will sure to help me thought this path. Thank you, purity rings online!"

Johanna Lambeth of Alaska wrote:
"My boyfriend and I ordered our rings a week ago and they came in yesterday. Our rings fit perfectly, Thanks for all you guys are doing! :D"

Kayla of Texas wrote:
"Shipped fast! I like the rings I purchased. They were all packaged well, however a couple of notes: If you want engraving on a smaller ring, I wouldn't recommend wasting the extra money, if you do then don't pick the Script font, it won't show up well. With the sizer I bought my ring fits great! Also orders do not ship to your door if it's by US postal service, it's in the mailbox. :) Love my ring, it's very smooth and I like it a lot. Thank you! :)"

Britney of Missouri wrote:
"I got my ring today. I like it I am real happy and recmmend this store for purity rings"

Maria A of Chicago, IL wrote:
"i got my Purity ring today and is so beautiful!! I love it. Thank you so much.... :D God bless you all!!!!!!!"

Brenna Sadlinsokov wrote:
"I ordered the PURITY cursive ring online a few months ago. I received it in two days and I love it so much! I wear it every single day as a reminder of my promise to the Lord. I am getting a ring for my boyfriend of two years this month. I have never been happier with a product I purchased online! Thank you so much, Purity Rings Online! May all of you wonderful people be blessed for your fabulous work in helping Christian youth stay committed to the Lord!"

Lindsay H. of Toronto, Canada wrote:
"My ring is beautiful! It shipped so fast (weeks before I was expecting it) and got to me in perfect condition! Love it!"

Karla of Kentucky wrote:
"I got a ring from here and i LOVE it."

Becky of Illinois wrote:
"My ring is AWESOME! Though it will not keep me pure by itself, but it will remind me to keep my promise to stay pure until I am married. Thank you Purity Rings Online! :-)"

Toni R. of Louisiana wrote:
"My purity ring was supposed to be here in 5-10 days, but it came in 2 days! I was really surprised and excited. My ring was beautiful and better than I expected. I love it! Thanks! (:"

Kat Snow wrote:
"I was very excited to recieve my purity ring and dog tag necklace in the mail!! They were beautiful and better than I expected (: Buying from this website was a great decision! It was no disappointment for sure!"

Jerry C of Texas wrote:
"Thank you guys so much. I bought a purity ring for my love, and she loves it so much. Keep it up with this great ministry. Thank you so much, and God bless you all!=)"

Anonymous wrote: "Great service and very easy, Jesus loves you. Thank you for doing this for the community."

Betsy F of Pennsylvania wrote:
"Very good prices!!!! I've been looking for a purity ring for my daughter and was very happy with your selection and prices.....I can't wait to get it and give it to her....I know she's gonna love it."

Anonymous wrote:
"You guys are great and have really good, understandable and not overly priced, rings, etc! I OFFICIALLY LOVE THIS WEBSITE!"

Amanda T of New York wrote:
"Everything was easy and I was extremely happy I was able to review my order multiple times. When picking out a ring, I loved the pictures of them on people's hands and the 360 video. They were great features since this is my first time picking out a purity ring. Thank you!"

J McGee of Texas wrote:
"Super! i received it right on time :) thanks guys!"

J Chapman of Georgia wrote:
"Thanks so much! I recently tried to purchase a purity ring at our local Christian bookstore and was told they don't carry them anymore. Sad. But I found your site quickly this morning with a google search. Free shipping. Yay!"

Anonymous wrote:
"Thanks so much! I liked your site because the rings were beautiful and they would allow enough room for her full name to be engraved. Very nice site. Glad we happened upon it."

Anonymous wrote:
"OMG ! I love this site. I was attempting to find a purity ring to give to my boyfriend for our one year anniversary and when I found this site, it was like a gift from God. Thank You. BE BLESSED"

Deangila Chatman from Higher Call To Worship Ministries in Lumberton, NC wrote:
"I am so thankful for you site. God laid it on our heart to do a ceremony and more things to promote purity in our young men and women. This site was more helpful than any site I have been to on the web. Thank you once again!"

Cody of Illinois wrote:
"I ordered a ring off here, and the expected shipping time was 5-10 days. I received it in 4 days. Very great, would definitely recommend to a friend."

Elizabeth wrote:
"I ordered the stainless steel PURITY ring- absolutely gorgeous! ~*~Great product and super fast delivery!~*~ Thank you! I will definitely shop with you guys again!"

Damiani of Pennsylvania wrote:
"I just got my purity ring and I love it. It fits perfectly! :)"

Whitney of Louisiana wrote:
"I cried when I actually saw my ring bc it means so much to me. I have decided to give myself completely over to God. It represents a brand new me and new beginnings. My life is not my own and to God my Lord and Savior I belong. Blessed to have found this wonderful site! I love it."

Ch'Vaun of Georgia wrote:
"I just ordered my ring today after decie to remain absience, until I get married!=) I have mad so many mistakes, but I know getting a purity ring will keep me on the right path in so many ways=) Thank yall again"

Dawn of Michigan wrote:
"Exceptional customer service!!! Beautiful purity ring! Lightening fast shipment!!! Perfectly happy customer"

Katie wrote:
"My parents bought me a purity ring this past Christmas and I wear it everyday!!! I love it soooo much! Thank you Purity Rings Online!!!!!!"

Anonymous wrote:
"The instant message online was awsome. Shipping amazed me. Surprizing my mom for her 40th. Excited!! I also sugested you for my church, we are planing on doing a purity cerimony. We are probably going to use you guys! Thank you!"

Z. Burgess wrote:
"I got my ring in the mail a couple days ago and just opened it today as an early birthday present from my mom. It is gorgeous :) i love it and it will always be on my finger for all to see. I am proud to be a christian (catholic) and remain pure until marriage. May God bless you all."

P. Taylor of Washington wrote:
"Great! It was easy, the rings arived quickly and the gift wrapping was beautiful. Even my husband was impressed. It will be sure to be a blessing for our son's purity weekend!"

R. Ramirez of New Jersey wrote:
"Everything was great! Thank you so much for the help. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family! God Bless!"

J. Hale wrote:
"Ring arrived in a small puffy envelope in a small bag, perfectly packed, and the size was exactly right! This is a really nice ring, thanks for having it for a really resonable price!"

M. Unrau of North Dakota wrote:
"Hi there just wanting to let you know that we got the rings! Thank-you very very much! We appreciate all you did for us!"

R. Young wrote:
"We received the ring and will give it to our daughter tomorrow. I want to thank you for helping us out with the ring and shipping issues. You really went above and beyond the help make our daughters 16th birhtday special."

A. Gwaltney of Louisiana wrote:
"I did receive my purity ring... I am real happy with it. Thank You!"

T. Mallison of Oregon wrote:
"The ring arrived today and it not only fits perfectly, it looks beautiful! Thank you so much for all that you have done. We so very much appreciate it and will highly recommend your online store for purity rings. You are awesome! :)"

Anonymous wrote:
"You guys have incredible rings. I know my beloved will love it. Thank you very much. God bless you."

C. Krogstad of Minnesota wrote:
"Hey, just wanted to let you know that my 2 rings came today. Thank you once again!"

Anonymous wrote:
"I just wanted to say that I appreciate that your rings have scripture and seem to point to God more than self. They make it clear that God alone can save us, not just "our faith". HE is our true source of power!"

G. Kurko of Ohio wrote:
"Thank you so much for your help with our project in Haiti. You have been so helpful and easy to work with."

Jade wrote:
"Great product. Exactly as described. Fast delivery."

Elizabeth C. wrote:
"My purity ring came the day of first estimated delivery date, it's great love it already!"

D. Burgess of Tennessee wrote:
"Awesome. Shipping was prompt. I am very happy with the product. It's nice when things go right!!"

L. Lindsey of Pennsylvania wrote:

"The ring was very pretty and a quality purchase. I will definitely use your store again! Thank you."